Hello, I am IPek, an activist, who expresses her thoughts through performances, music, design, writing and artworks.

I react to diverse social phenomena by raising awareness.
I combine the issue I find problematic with familiar but unexpected elements.
I usually express my reaction at the very place the topic was taken from.

My investigations are long term and my reactions are diverse. As I am interested in various social topics and deeply believe in the unity of form and content, I practice a wide range of creativity from literature to street art.

I achieved my first master’s degree in art theory, therefore, I always act conceptually. No matter if I sing a folk song, knit a jumper or write a text, first I think it over and over and then I let it provoke the society.

I started my career as a fashion designer so I used to focus on the production of objects. By the time I got my second master’s degree in fine arts, I chose to perform. On my long journey from material goods to non-material music, I have learnt that it is the energy that counts.
Whether I paint a wall painting about industrialism, write a text about queerness or design a recycled wallet, all are loaded with the same spirit.

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