2016 I Basel

Waschsalon (Loundry) was a series of performances in our shared flat. I just moved back from Zurich to Basel, and realised that our neighbourhood’s gentrification process was accelerating. That increased my responsibility as an artist. Making use of all the knowledge I gained  from the talks and workshops of Urban Series, I wanted to organise something temporary that would not disturb the everyday life of Kleinbasel. So, I curated events with one-day-long performances. Residents of the household were performing in their own rooms. I invited artists and non-artists alike to perform in the kitchen, corridor and bathroom. As a result, Waschsalon was a mixture of life and art, fiesta and performance where boundaries faded away in a welcoming and respectful way. As it quickly became a hype and magnetised a lot of artsy outsiders to the neighbourhood,  after the fourth event I decided to close down our salon.

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