Urban Series

2015 I Istanbul

Urban Series was held in Istanbul, with two conferences about architecture, art and design in urban space. I was the initiator and the curator of the events. The main idea was to exchange thoughts about how to plan sustainable cities of the twenty-first century. Both events reflected the cultural diversity of the three participating countries: Turkey, Hungary and Switzerland. Exhibitions and round-table talks formed unity with city walks, workshops, lectures and readings. At the first conference, recycling and rethinking of cities was discussed. During the second conference, we looked into how arts could support city planning, so it takes a more human-centred direction.


Hungarian Cultural Institute I lecture: Gábor Szohr -Úrirány, lecture & workshop: Levente Polyák, graphic design: István Csekk, lecture & workshop: Zsófia Szonja Illés -Collective Plants, graphic design: Gergely Bényi


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