Turkish Coffee, Hungarian Paprika

2015 I Istanbul

As the curator of the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Istanbul, I was pretty interested in those stories that were behind the similarities of different cultures. For instance, I know from my own family, how cultural differences can be handled: with respect, interest and love. Should it be the love of a couple or of friends, or the love expressed through carefully prepared food or the love in the music of a region - that is the very thing that brings cultures together. I invited Hungarian artists to Istanbul, where they created photo and video works about the everyday life of mixed families. The exhibited intimate scenes were in sharp contrast with the representative mission of a state’s cultural institution. As this was the last exhibition I  curated for the institute, it was my pleasure to farewell with such a feminist statement.

Hungarian Cultural Institute I Istanbul I photo: Judit Péter I exhibited works: photo: Zsuzsa Darab I photo: Zsófia Szonja Illés I photo: Lilla Szántói I video: Dorottya Vékony I catalogue text: Gabriella Uhl 

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