Trash or Treasure?

2015 I Istanbul  

Trash or Treasure? was a double exhibition I curated for Urban Series in Istanbul. One part, showed different artistic positions about rubbish through contemporary art and design. I displayed provocative works, like a red carpet and golden jewellery made from plastic, a prom dress sewn from bicycle inner tubes, along with a huge armchair built from pet bottles. We also had recycling workshops for children and adults, in cooperation with local and international designers. The other part displayed architectural examples of innovative rethinking and redesign of urban space. I showcased cooperative urban planning projects and bottom-up urbanist organisations, that served as a hub to meet, discuss and act, for a more sustainable urban environment. As well, I invited the creators of all exhibited urbanist projects. They gave presentations at the Urban Series symposium and we discussed the challenges and possibilities during our evening walks and talks. 

artworks and projects above I installation: Gábor Kerekes I workshop: Cellux csoport I mural: Torzmerev & Lobot I project: VALYO Város és a folyó I project: Nyitva Fesztivál I sculpture: Gyula Várnai I project: Teleki tér I Újirány Csoport I drawings: Zsófia Szemző I jewelry: Réka Lőrincz I opening with Sándor Finta

opening with Sándor Finta

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