Station 11: Langstrasse

Station 11: Langstrasse was a performance about the capitalisation of free-time.
It was a critical tableau about our society, showing errors with examples from Langstrasse, Zürich. While detecting the problematic local phenomena, we interpreted how gentrification kills the spirit of working-class boroughs.
The tableau was patched from theatrical scenes, which imitated the daily rhythm of a worker. All of these were brought together with sounds, noises and texts. At the beginning, I sang the anthem of the former Soviet Union. Later, I painted mechanically the German word ARBEITEN (‘work’). Then I destroyed a sushi-dinner before reading the prices of sexworkers and writing Arbeiten with a lipstick for the end.
Station 11: Langstrasse was written and performed in cooperation with Fabian Gutscher.

2018 I Zürich I Stereoskop I curator: Martina Morger & Wassili Widmer I photos: Wassili Widmer

2018 I 24hShop I curator: Patricia Bianchi I photos: Daniel Drognitz

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