Noble task

Noble task was a performance about my role, as a highly educated migrant in the international cultural system. I was elegantly-dressed, held a fancy handbag and had an ironing board under my arm.  After installing the board, I took an iron and a flag out of my bag. I tried to iron the wrinkled flag with my unplugged iron. Failing to do so, I packed everything together and I left the stage. This performance was my farewell to the Hungarian Institute in Istanbul, where I had worked as a cultural diplomat. I staged the same performance at several festivals in Switzerland. I  also ironed the Swiss flag within the scope of an international program in London.

2015 I Budapest I Aurora I photo: Klaus Rózsa Miklós
2016 I Zürich I LEGS I Corner Collage I initiator: Dorothea Rust I photo: code flow
2016 I London I curator: Hayat Erdoğan & Adrian Notz I photo: Martina O'Shea

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