2011 I Budapest I Ludwiginzert I curator: Katalin Erdődi I photo: Ádám Beyler, IPek, Richard Orosz

Nefelejcs (Forget-Me-Not) is a huge mural which was painted to raise awareness of the merciless changes of Budapest’s social structure.It was ordered by Ludwig Museum, as part of a project to bring art to the front door of the 9th district’s locals. This quarter used to be an arena of real-estate businesses, where low-income residents had been systematically displaced, and the typical 19th century houses were demolished. We made a memorial, based on our research about the history of the site we had chosen. Using the ground plan of the site, and the memories of locals, we painted an x-ray image of that demolished building. We raised awareness of cut-throat investments versus the vulnerable inhabitants of every city.
Forget-Me-Not was a co-operation with Richárd Orosz.

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