Kötött pálya

2011 I Budapest

Kötött Pálya (Bound Track) was a temporary memorial, with which, I recalled the days when different cultures lived in peace with each other, in the area which was later to become the Ghetto of Budapest. It was an urban intervention that I made for a cultural festival of Hanukkah. During the eight days of love and light, the festival brought people together, with its diverse cultural program. To find a symbol for this aim, I researched Klauzál Tér, the main square of this neighbourhood. I found out, that it was the old number 2 tram serving the locals up until WW2. As opposed to the centralised tram tracks of the post-war period, this tram used to twist and turn about the narrow and criss-crossed streets. The installation was a section of the tram 2’s track, glued onto the asphalt with light-reflecting yellow tape. It was a minimalistic, but thought-provoking element for both riders and pedestrians.

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Negyed6 Negyed7 Festival I curator: Juli Gottfried I photo: Ádám Bleyer

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