Kashmirgrau und Himmelblau 

2021 I Zürich  

Kashmirgrau und Himmelblau (Kashmirgrey and Skyblue) is a migration-related performance in which I read my own texts and sing folk songs. The texts are short stories titled by different colours. Every story starts with a song that is connected with the text I read afterwards. As the performance is staged in an unusual combination of four languages - lyrics in Turkish, Kurdish and Hungarian, texts in German - there is an unclear part for almost every listener. This automatically puts the listeners into the position of a migrant who often feels confused about decoding the signs of the unknown.
I am writing the stories song by song, performing each time a new chapter. This way, I create a colour palette of feelings which will be transformed into a book.
The original texts are written in German and will be translated into English later.

Would you like to support me in making this book? Here is a link to contact me.

Shedhalle I Zürich
Open Futures I Club La Fafa
curator: Nadja Baldini & Jana Vanecek
photo: Daniel Drognitz

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