Invisible Press

2014 I Istanbul

Invisible Press was a mixed media exhibition. I curated it as an experiment for the establishment of a library. The Hungarian Cultural Institutes all used to have a traditional library, so the new, Istanbul-based institute was also planning to establish one as well. I considered it an out-of-date idea as most of the Hungarian literature is available on the internet or can be found in webshops. So, I chose a selection of two paper-based genres, that are worth having in printed form: fanzine and children’s books. Following the original idea of a library we offered our visitors a quiet surrounding to read and chat. I invited artists to make murals in these reading rooms which we furnished with the shelves and tables of that year’s bookfair. 

Hungarian Cultural Institute I murals: Balázs Tóth, Gábor Kerekes, Gruppo Tökmag,  Waschmaschine Gruppe I photo: Pál Anna Viktória

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