In the Name of...

2018 I Dunaújváros

2019 I Basel

In The Name a feminist ritual during which I destroy different female representations. The opening scenes change from the playground of a girl’s room to a decently decorated petty bourgeois wall. First I sing a mourning song. After it I destroy the objects with iron, pot, mixer, scissors: tools associated with women. Sometimes I use a knife only. The destructed objects differ from culture to culture, depending on how females are represented in everyday life. I destroy childish and stupidly portrayed females and all kinds of depictions where females are subject to sexual desire. Before each bang I say different female names after In The Name Of…
First I performed it in cooperation with Andrea Fajgerné Dudás.

ICA I Dunaújváros I thanks: Nóra Deák I photo: Dunaújváros Online, Gyula Várnai
Frauenstreik I Kaserne I Basel I photo: Lena von Tscharner

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