Im Gange

2016-17 I Zürich

Im Gange (Underway) was a free-form exhibition we organised on the corridors of the Zurich University of Arts. When I wrote my application I was still living in Istanbul. So I realised pretty late on, that the institution had changed its location, and the building in which I was to study, was a newly renovated huge factory of arts. As it reminded me of a prison. I had to change this surrounding immediately. First, I broke the corridors’ greyness with street art, which was literally illegal. Then, I encouraged other artists to react loudly to this arrogant architectural and systematical repression. Many were afraid, but we had our moments as well. On the evenings of our openings, we danced and drank and smoked in front of the new works. Sometimes, we played football with fellow activists and other times we listened to stories about the 80s youth movement of Zurich.
Im Gange was organised in cooperation with Milenko Lazic.

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