‘Today it has become necessary to demolish the myth of the ‘star’ artist who only produces master- pieces for a small group of ultra-intelligent people. It must be understood that as long as art stands aside from the problems of life it will interest only few. Culture today is becoming a mass affair, and the artist must step down from his pedestal and be prepared to make a sign for a butcher’s shop (if he knows how to do it).’  Bruno Munari, 1971. Although it was originally written for he-artists and as a vegetarian, I am for sure not going to design any sign for a butcher’s shop, I still share the core of the above message. So, I regularly design posters, flyers and illustrations for initiatives that I find sympathetic, and I also do event-design of demonstrations.

Do you want a graphic design by me for your social initiative, demonstration or magazine? Or a workshop about how to design an activist group, for an effective demonstration? Contact me here.

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