Endstation Toni Areal

2019 I Zürich

Endstation Toni Areal (Terminus Toni Areal) was the performance I did for my Master`s degree in Fine Arts. It was a journey through the depths of sorrow explained with voice, paint, sound and noise. The indirectly revealed story of the performance was my lost love with Fine Art. I sang mourning songs from both of my cultures: Hungarian and Turkish. I also  painted with various fades of blood from red to burgundy. Fabian Gutscher, the co-author of the performance, created a soundscape with and around my actions. As the story of my love with Art was a long, tiring and painful process with short joyful moments, I cried, screamed and suffered during the performance as well. After the performance I had Ieft my pain behind.

ZHdK I photo: IPek, Stefan Jäggi, Erik Steinbrecher

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