Bier und Kuchen und Kunst (Beer & Cake & Art) was a monthly series of free-form seminars I curated throughout my studies at the Fine Art Department. Soon after moving from Istanbul to Zürich, I realised that my university’s promises were mere illusions. Although the building was 100% wheelchair accessible, never ever have I seen a single person in a wheelchair there. Just as it was, most of the possibilities were only superficial potentials. They did not generate real diversity. To create a space for a possible conversation between the different departments’ students, I curated BKK with a wide range of topics and all possible genres of art, design and music. It was an underground salon in my studio, where we listened to each other and discussed the feedback.

2017 I Zürich I ZHdK I photo: Капитан Америка
2018 I Zürich I Revisiting Black Mountain I photo: Daniel Drognitz

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