Átmeneti állapot

2012 I Budapest I Ernst100

Átmeneti állapot (Transition State) was a painting performance in public space about the stormy political changes of Budapest’s 20th century. It started with a research about Nagymező street. We asked locals - inhabitants, shop-owners and vendors - which shops and institutions they remembered. Based on the collected information, we created a timeline map of the street. To celebrate Ernst Museum’s 100th anniversary, we painted this map with the involvement of local students. During the ten hours of the performance, all the significant changes of those hundred years were made visible in a joyful way.

Ironically enough, our mural, with the then topical map of the street, quickly turned into a memorial unto itself. The next year, the government changed the name and profile of the institute, and Ernst Museum ceased to exist.
Transition State was made in cooperation with Richard Orosz.

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curator: Tamás Fehérvári I photo: Lola Bedécs

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