A, wie Apfel Q, wie Queer

2022 I Basel

A, wie Apfel Q, wie Queer (A for Apple, Q for Queer) is a queerfeminist performance in which I read my own texts and sing folk songs. The texts are gender-related stories structured by the initials of each story’s title. Every story starts with a song that is related to the text I read afterwards. As the performance is staged in an unusual combination of three languages - lyrics in Turkish and Hungarian, texts in German - there is always an unclear part for almost every viewer. This is to symbolise the gender diversity which is not necessarily to be understood but to be respected. With the initials of the stories I create an unusual ABC, mixing the characters of different languages.
After getting to the end of this new gender alphabet, a book with stories and songs will emerge.

The original texts are written in German and will be translated into English later.
Would you like to support me in making this book? Here is link to contact me.

Gira Furiosa I photo: Eren Karakuş

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